The small wins are the entrepreneur’s fuel

Everyone keeps talking about the famous ups and downs of the startup journey. At this point it’s almost a cliché. Part of the reason the highs and lows are so extreme is the desperate need for validation from everyone you come across—customers, investors, peers, friends and family. In a world of extreme uncertainty, when the […]


Don’t confuse resentment towards the tech industry with the current economic crisis

We tech employees are very familiar with the hatred directed at us. Something about our unbelievable working conditions, combined with complicated products, drives reporters and thought leaders to blame the tech industry.  Because we are so accustomed to the negative press, many of us are in serious denial about the macro downturn.  “It’s all part of a […]


Be efficient or die

The market is slowing down and a long winter is coming.
VCs across the industry are preparing their portfolio companies for a 24-month long drought. Companies are carefully crafting plans to reserve cash by reducing spending and virtually stopping new hires.

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