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Misalignment, solved.

Made for R&D leaders to stay on top of their department’s progress, identify potential gaps and deliver their projects successfully by relying on data, not tickets.

Seamlessly integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and others.

“We were seeing things that we had no idea were happening. We received great ideas for rapid fixes, and the results happened faster than we could have dreamed.”

Benny Keinan
VP R&D, Windward

“I’ve been a customer of Alignment Labs for a while now, and I must say that I love it!”

Amichai Herman
VP R&D at Fairtility

Expect no less than cross-organizational impact

Eliminate mistakes

Prevent waste of time, money and frustration on delivery mistakes

Increase efficiency

Avoid resources misallocation and unproductive parallel work

Deliver quality on time

Execute your job successfully by identifying critical gaps on time

Meet Goni, your Chief Alignment Officer.

01 Effortless connection

Connect Alignment Labs to the messaging application your teams use, whether it's Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, or other.

02 Goal definition

Only a few seconds later, you’ll virtually meet Goni for the first time. Like all proper first-time meetings, you’ll have to tell Goni a bit about yourself and your teams, including priorities, goals, KPIs, and basically everything you’d like to share.

03 Smart questions

Goni, with its expertise, will generate the most impactful yet hassle-free questions to identify alignment gaps, asking each member of your team 1-2 questions a week.

04 Relevant insights

With the data gathered, Goni will regularly update you with insights into your team's misalignments, from areas for improvements to real-time gaps that need immediate attention.

Simple, transparent pricing

No surprise fees.

Scale up or down depending on your department’s needs

Number of team members in your department you want to keep aligned

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Up to 200 seats

$ 1660 / month

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Born out of a personal pain point, Alignment Labs was built by Yehuda Neeman, Alon Blum and Peter Tsuprun in 2021. We’re on a mission to transform the world of management by building true, effective and empowering leadership – one alignment gap at a time.

Yehuda Neeman


“Don’t monitor what your teams are doing, monitor what they understand.”


Alon Blum


“In an age of endless tools, every company's compass will point to alignment.”


Peter Tsuprun


“Building software is a journey of thousands of decisions. Success lies in understanding the context.”


“Almost immediately after we started working with Goni, we managed to surface important areas of misalignment.”

– Zohar Bronfman
Co-founder & CEO at Pecan

What type of questions does Goni ask?

Goni asks multiple choice questions. There is no right or wrong answer, and the questions don’t expose sensitive data about your company.

Will Goni disturb my employees?

Not at all. Goni only asks 1-2 questions per week. The questions are simple and multiple-choice. Answering them takes just a few seconds, and they are always relevant and relatable to the employees' domain.

Are you collecting private information about my company?

Goni asks multiple-choice questions, and doesn’t ask employees for private information. As the champion of the product, you can add relevant information about your company and your objectives, and have goni make sure you meet them.

Will Goni show me how each person answered the questions?

No. All answers collected are anonymous. Goni will provide you with engagement scores by departments in your company.

Who gets the insights?

It is entirely up to you. By default, managers will get alignment opportunities around topics, and employees will get specific alignment opportunities around issues that they are misaligned about.

Get your teams fully aligned around the same goals

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