This is us

Yehuda Neeman, CEO

Yehuda Neeman, CEO

Alon Blum

Alon Blum, CPO

And this is our vision

Change the world of management
by building true, effective and empowering leadership.

We believe that culture and values are the basis for everything

✓ Trust is the foundation
✓ Start with why
✓ Do things well or don’t do them at all
✓ Continuous improvement and continuous learning
✓ Execution is paramount

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What our customers say

Emilia Clarke
Colton Ray,
Chief Executive Officer
“We keep seeing value from alignment-labs. Today you can ask anyone at FUSE, at any site around the world, and they will be aligned on the fact that we’re a product driven company. Alignment-labs has helped us understand and manage our alignment gaps in an intuitive and frictionless manner.”
Emilia Clarke
Tal Maizels,
Vice President Research & Development
"Alignment-labs is a preventive tool, that helped us avoid a lot of waste and future tensions due to misunderstanding of our purpose and strategy. Alignment-labs acts as a super-charger to our execution, helping us go better and faster with our current resources."

The cost of misalignment

$ 0 K
per employee, per year wasted on unproductive communication
0 %
Aligned companies grow 3X faster than misaligned companies
$ 0 M
In potential revenue is lost for every $1B, as a result of low sales & marketing alignment


Most frequent questions and answers

Goni, the first Virtual Chief Alignment Officer, is a Slack bot that joins your team as a new virtual member.

Goni learns your organization structure and how it operates in all areas of your execution, such as: strategy, vision, culture and more.

Goni knows exactly what to ask and when, to find where people understand the execution differently, and prevent damage before people act.

Goni will slip you a note just before your weekly meeting and tell you which topics you must talk about, and continue to monitor the gaps till they close.

Goni comes with a lot of experience from talking to a huge number of tech employees in almost every field imaginable.

With Goni around, you will see your most painful and expensive problems disappear before your eyes.

Goni asks multiple choice questions. There is no right or wrong answer, and the questions don’t expose sensitive data about your company. Surprisingly, just by thinking about the questions, you start the alignment process.

There is a 14-day free trial. During the 14 days you will receive 2-3 alignment insights about your company. Goni will show you exactly where people are misaligned, and will help you fix it before there is damage.

You will be amazed how big the gaps are and how easy they are to fix at this stage.

Not at all. Goni asks no more than one, multiple-choice question per-day, and answering it takes just a few seconds.

Not during the trial. Goni asks multiple-choice questions, and doesn’t ask employees for private information.

After the trial you will be able to add your company’s information, and our algorithm will create tailored aligning questions.

No. All answers we collect are anonymous. This is critical for getting the most honest and accurate results. Goni will provide you with engagement scores by departments in your company.

It is entirely up to you. You can choose to share the full alignment map with all the participants, or share a portion of it, or don’t share it at all.
Absolutely. Alignment is important at all levels of the company. Just remember that the more people you include, the better and more accurate the mapping will be.
Even companies with the best communication and monitoring tools suffer from misalignment symptoms. If you ever had to throw away something you invested a lot of time and effort in, or had multiple people work on the same things in parallel, or felt the need to micromanage your team, you are suffering from misalignment. Some teams are actually very aligned within themselves, but not aligned with other teams in their company, or towards the company’s goals. You do have misalignment; you just can’t see it.
Goni provides alignment insights with an alignment score in a specific area, along with the misalignment risks. The score is important for monitoring your teams’ progress. You can literally watch the alignment gaps closing, and staying closed over time.
When you suffer from misalignment, everything constantly feels like an emergency. There is a good chance you will never have a calm period if you don’t deal with the root-cause of the problem. Keep in mind that there is no onboarding or training. It takes each participant just a few seconds per-week, to get full visibility of your alignment status.
Goni is designed to tackle the issues most relevant and impactful for you. Along the way Goni will occasionally ask for your input regarding areas you would want to cover. That being said, the source of misalignment often comes from unexpected areas you might not even know to ask. So, combining the two will determine the path.

Goni, the Virtual CAO, is carefully designed to detect the source of the misalignment.
Unlike survey tools that allow you to ask straightforward questions, our questions are part of a complex algorithm built to crawl in your organization and find the source and magnitude of the problems.

Thinking about your employee’s reaction is a thought that comes from true leadership.
From our experience, employees enjoy the questions they get because they describe familiar situations from their day-to-day, or questions that make them think about what they are doing from a different angle.
Employees also tend to look at this as an active measure the company takes to connect them to the bigger picture, which is always appreciated.

Goni, the Virtual Chief Alignment Officer, will introduce itself to each one as the new virtual member of the team, and provide a short explanation on the process. You can also share the following type of message with your employees: “As part of our continues improvement, we are always looking for ways to get better. We are going to implement a new virtual employee in our company, called Goni. Goni might occasionally ping you on Slack, and help all of us identify our alignment gaps. Remember that all answers are completely anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers. Goni has a lot of respect to your time, so working with Goni in the background is practically frictionless.”